Coming Soon: The What is Series

The What is Series

The What Is Series: The What Is Series Curriculum includes elementary literature full of foundational bible truths that aides in shaping the kind of person God calls your child or student to become. The teacher’s guide includes lesson plans on the topics of Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Prayer, Bible and Worship to help develop student’s relationship with Christ and others. 

What is Unconditional Love? 

Discover the power of God's unconditional love when you choose to believe, receive, and share it with others. 

What is Forgiveness?  

Discover the power of God's forgiveness and how choosing to forgive can restore relationships. 

What is Prayer? 

Discover how to pray and how God's power through your prayers can change circumstances that seem impossible.


What is Worship? 

Discover how God’s power is released as you worship Him through your love and obedience. 

What is the Bible? 

Discover the truths God says about you, how to study and apply His word, and how to release His power through your faith and obedience. 


The Heartfelt Hug Challenge


Sharing God’s Hugs Across America

I would like to invite you and your church members or school students to accept The Heartfelt Hug Challenge!

I believe The Heartfelt Hug Challenge is a God-given challenge that can be accepted to
share God’s love, word, and hugs across America.
“above all these things put on love,..”
Colossians 3:14 

Download the Information for the challenge below. Please share with all your friends

Download the Heartfelt Challenge

Heartfelt Hug (pdf)



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