Lynne Nofi, Christian Author and Public Speaker, is a child and family advocate. As an author, her mission is to teach spiritually based understanding, through creativity, in a way that inspires children and families to build a better future in Christ. Her literature brings Christian values to families. Love, family bonding, and unity is her fundamental message. She understands the ups and downs of having and sustaining success in family life. Lynne authentically uses her teaching experience, personal battles, and lessons to bring forth simple strategies that are essential to living a happy and fulfilled family lifestyle. Her books aid families towards unconditional love, forgiveness, prayer, and placing God as the anchor.

Lynne has been inspired to write by her parent’s love-filled legacy. They enjoyed a loving marriage for 78 years and both lived past the age of 100. Lynne has enjoyed taking care of her elderly parents, and the process of parenting them because they became childlike as they aged. Through her enjoyment of parenting her own 5 children, and having 10 grandchildren, Lynne understands the importance of obtaining the heart of a child.  Lynne has also been inspired by the many children she has educated at the elementary level through the years. Thus, Lynne writes her books both from and to the heart of a child.

Both Lynne and her husband are ordained Community Pastors and  Lynne holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degree in Elementary Education. She is a piano instructor, accomplished classical pianist, worship leader, and mentor. She enjoys music, dance, drama, teaching, reading, writing, and spending quality time with God first, then her husband, family, and friends.