What is Unconditional Love?


 What is Unconditional Love?” is a timely key to open the heart of the family to give and receive the warmth of God’s love.  In a world that has waxed cold in the area of relationships, pertinent scriptures will gently guide family members, young and old, into what God has intended for them…warm, loving relationships.   

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What is Forgiveness?


 "What is Forgiveness?" is a timely key to open the closed door of a hurting heart to the freedom that forgiveness brings. In a world filled with so much anger, unforgiveness and bitterness, pertinent scriptures will gently guide any hardened heart, to the Cross, to receive God's mercy and forgiveness so it can be freely given away. "Another timely treasure, from the What Is Series, needed in today's society to restore broken relationships and learn how God's forgiveness can restore peace and joy and make us better instead of bitter."  

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What is Prayer?


 "What is Prayer?" is a powerful key to bring change to situations that seem impossible. God hears and answers every prayer. In her third book of the "What Is Series," Lynne Nofi shares pertinent scriptures that will give a biblical understanding of the power of prayer. 

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What Is Worship?


"What is Worship?" is a powerful tool that can be used by parents and teachers to give children a deeper understanding of the biblical meaning of worship. God created us for the ultimate priority of worshiping Him. In her fourth book of the "What is Series", Lynne Nofi shares pertinent scriptures along with her passion to teach children to worship and adore God.

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What is the Bible?


"What is the Bible?"  In her fifth book of the What is Series, Lynne Nofi shares the truth and power of God's Word with children. With her love and passion for God and His Word, Lynne guides children into life application of the Word of God and inspires the pursuit of God given identity and purpose.

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